FALL - WINTER 2018/19

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Pablo & Camille Rowe

The Pablo brand dresses urban and romantic women who like to twister masculine / feminine clothes related to their everyday life. They tame the styles as much as they overlap them

Bohemian, they like the lightness of prints of small Indian flowers.
Rock, they adopt the biker jacket or the leather boyfriend pants.
Modernes, they impose the red sweatshirt eighties and oversized down jacket.
Strong, they borrow the masculine codes, from the jacket crossed to the costumes of man

Tartan, Lined skin, smooth or pleated velvet, soft knit, plaid, camel and western boots are the assets of their new quickdraw.

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Pablo continues to seduce the most singular muses: after Clémence Poésy and Ana Girardot, it is the turn of actress and French model Camille Rowe.

With Camille, Pablo continues on its path of beauty with unlimited talents. Sculptural and solar, it exudes a lot of sweetness in the image of the brand and its collections accessible to all.

No pretense; Camille is sincere and spontaneous as her California rock and bohemian lifestyle proves it well. She stages the garment without playing a role: she sees the collection, she loves it, she tries it. And set his sights on a double-faced oversized tartan coat that will be one of the strong looks of the campaign.

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Camille, who grew up in the city of light, also has this very sure instinct of the Parisian for style. Girl of the moment, she imposes the mark Pablo in the air of the time. The Pablo girl exists, works, goes out, has fun; natural and spontaneous, she does not follow the trend, she appropriates her own look.

For this collection, Pablo uses photographer Fred Meylan.

Between the brand, the photographer and the model, one can detect a common DNA: a French style mixed with a touch of rock. For the photographer, Camille is an actress more than a model.
She is listening and wants to interact with others. With her, no cheating, she looks at the lens. Camille speaks to the woman Pablo, because the woman Pablo is also her.