Spring-Summer 2019 Pablo & Camille Rowe

This season, the lovely Franco-American is not only the muse of the collection, but she is also imagining her ideal wardrobe through a capsule of 25 models.

Camille Rowe for Pablo, is the prettiest collab’ of the season. While some like to imagine a special character and put together their ideal wardrobe, Camille has a more spontaneous approach— everything is based on instinct and immediacy.

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With her, no parallel world, no need to romance reality. Her life in Los Angeles is already quite bohemian and rock n’ roll. Her fashion universe is insightful. Her references are those of icons in the world of fashion and cinema involving women, but also men of today and yesterday. From Jack Nicholson in Chinatown with his impeccable white suit to Jane Birkin in her cute super short 70’s floral dresses.

This capsule features Seventies collars, retro dresses, double-breasted men’s suits with pleated pants, suede like jackets, totally flimsy blouses, a cashmere print, super short or very long dresses for the evening. This fashion is timeless. The images of those who wore these different styles have left their imprint in our minds, making them totally timeless. They are literally part of us, of our tastes, of our relationship with fashion.

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To immortalize this superb collection, and for the second season, Pablo has called upon photographer Fred Mellan.

Camille Rowe x Pablo, is a collection for all the solar, adventuresome and confident women around the world. An ode to self-assured taste.

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